Storage In Louisburg, Kansas is a Family Business

Published on 1/20/2021

The Siebert Family

Drew and Amy Siebert moved to Louisburg with their two children in 2018 from Overland Park. The couple was accustom to a rural lifestyle, but when they found themselves needing to move to Kansas City from the Wichita area, they thought a temporary setup in O.P. would be OK for a couple of years. Seven years later, they finally got back out of the City and moved to their small ranch North of Louisburg. On this small ranch, they raise goats, chicken, and some hay crop. Besides the farm, the family enjoys softball, soccer, and baseball (mostly watching their two kids play) as well as spending time with friends.

Storage in Louisburg

When Wildcat Storage Center came up for sale on North Metcalf, Drew and Amy knew they had to act. What a perfect way to get more involved with the community and help support their family. After all, small-time ranching is hardly profitable enough to support a family of four. While negotiations took a little while, and setting up financing took even longer, the Siebert Family was thrilled when closing was finalized on December 4th and they proud owners of a 15 year-old Louisburg Establishment. They immediately got to work putting systems in place to manage the business, cleaning up deferred maintenance around the property, and gutting the interior of the front office building. It really has been an adventure already.

Future Plans

The Siebert family plans to keep much of the operations of Wildcat Storage Center the same, but they do have some exciting plans to share:
  • The front office building is being converted from office to the first Climate Controlled Storage in Louisburg.
  • The rock lot works, but could be so much better. We're exploring many options on how to improve this amenity.
  • Without an office up front, nine paved spaces near the office building are now freed up for paved parking of small vehicles and trailers.
  • We'd really like to improve security conditions on the property - including a code-operated gate and improved lighting.
We're really so excited about this adventure and hope you'll follow along.

Status Update on Future Plans

  • Climate Controlled Storage: Completed ahead of schedule in late-March 2021
  • Rock Lot Options: Still exploring, however, we are in contact with a Storm Water Engineer to figure out options
  • Improved Lighting: Installed in mid-March 2021.  This helped everywhere, but is especially noticeable in our rock lot.