Climate Controlled Storage in Louisburg

Published on 1/1/2021

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate Controlled Storage (or temperature controlled storage) is similar to any other mini-storage except that temperature extremes are moderated with mechanical HVAC systems (heater and air conditioner). Climate controlled usually implies that humidity is controlled as well as temperature, whereas temperature controlled clearly suggests that only the temperature is moderated. Tenants like climate controlled storage because it helps protect their valuables from damage from extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Even if a unit technically only controls temperature, humidity is somewhat controlled by the process of controlling temperature. Antiques, wood furniture, photos, collectables, clothes, and just about everything else stores better in a climate controlled storage unit than in tridiagonal storage that is allowed to get very hot and very cold. The importance of climate controlled depends both on how valuable the items are to you, the type of items, and how long you plan to store them. Generally in temperature controlled storage, temperatures are kept between 50 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate Controlled Storage in Louisburg, Kansas

The new operators of Wildcat Storage Center on North Metcalf in Louisburg are currently renovating the East Building from offices into Climate Controlled Storage. While technically only temperature will be mechanically controlled, the selection of equipment is based on trying to limit humidity extremes as well. For example, properly sized air conditioners dehumidify your home while also cooling it to a comfortable temperature. Prior to this development, Louisburg Storage Facilities tended to be at 100% capacity, and there were no climate controlled options at all without driving to Overland Park. Wildcat Storage Center is hopeful that adding these new storage units will help reduce the capacity limitations in Louisburg for both climate controlled and traditional mini-storage.

Wildcat Storage Center anticipates that the storage units will be available to rent by Summer 2021. Or, if you're interested in reading more. Here's an article on 17 items that require Climate Controlled Storage.

Status Update

Well ahead of schedule, we opened our climate controlled storage in March 2021. You can rent units right on our website! It used to be that people in Miami County searching for storage near me would never find a climate controlled option. We're thrilled to have solved that problem.