No Vacancy: Why Is Storage in Louisburg so Popular?

Published on 2/5/2021

Assumptions about self storage

Many folks assume that self storage is for people on the move. For example, one might store items while on active military deployment, while settling down after a divorce, or when moving to new community and needing some time to find that perfect house. This is a major use of storage, and in this case, storage needs might be for anywhere between a few months and a few years. In fact, the owners of Wildcat Storage Center found themselves needing this type of storage when last-minute issues arose in their move to Louisburg in 2018! This type of storage makes a lot of sense to a lot of people, but in Louisburg, it actually isn't the most common use of storage. Most storage in Louisburg is rented for extended durations.

Why long-term self storage

There are several situations where tenants find it advantageous to rent storage for extended durations. We have clients who own businesses that need some extra space to store inventory, supplies, or even equipment. We have clients that wish they had an extra 2-car garage at their house, but it is simply more affordable to rent one of our 10x30 storage units conveniently located down the road. We even have clients in the business of buying and reselling small items with needs to keep those items secure until the next big sale. It is surprising, to some, that there is so much extended-stay storage going on in Louisburg, but it is actually the bulk of our tenants.

Why is long-term so popular in mini storage

Because Louisburg has a shortage of self storage units, there is often a waitlist to get in at any of the three facilities in town. Folks who need short term storage, such as individuals moving, don't have time to wait for a unit to open up... so they end up having to rent a unit in another town. Individuals with long-term storage needs can wait a few months for the convenience of a unit right down the street, so they end up occupying the bulk of Louisburg storage options.

What can we do about this

The owners of Wildcat Storage Center were once frustrated themselves that there was "No Vacancy" when they desperately needed storage in Louisburg. It really came as quite a disappointing shock. We are currently in the process of adding 14 mid-sized storage options on our current lot (Update 3/25/21: These new units are open and filling up quickly). We would be thrilled at the opportunity to add additional storage in or near Louisburg, Kansas, but affordable land that is well suited for this purpose has been a real problem. We know that eventually the land will become available, and we won't waste time helping to solve this problem for the Louisburg community.