Enigma 68 Escape Room South of Kansas City Metro

Published on 5/8/2022
As a fellow local business owner in Louisburg, we wanted to highlight our friends over at Enigma 68 with this spotlight.  Read on!

Enigma 68

Escape rooms, what are they?

For some enthusiasts (like myself), escape rooms are incredibly well known. We heard about them and decided to try one out for a friend’s birthday. Then we got hooked! Some go as far as planning their family vacations solely around what escape room(s) they want to do. But for many people (maybe you included), escape rooms are a completely mystery. I will try to hit some of the more basic bullet points to get you acquainted.

What even is an escape room?

    Basically, an escape room is a massive puzzle. You are in a room, or rooms, with some theme and you are given a goal to accomplish within a set time. Within the room you must find numbers for combination locks, keys, puzzle pieces, coded messages, hidden compartments, etc. and use your wits to put the right pieces together. 

Are they dangerous?

    Most escape rooms that I have been in (and they ones I built) have no more danger than walking down the aisle in your local hardware store. There may be some tools or instruments that if used haphazardly or in a dangerous manner, then they could be dangerous. So basically, the most dangerous part of the room might just be your friends or family!

Am I locked in? 

    Some escape rooms do “lock” the door, typically with a magnetic lock. Due to general safety, and common sense, these have an emergency release button and are designed to unlock in case of power outages. I decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble and cost do take that extra step, so our doors don’t even have the magnetic locks.

What age is this good for?

    This can really depend on the venue, so I would call or check their website in advance. There are a LOT of rooms that can be enjoyed by kids as young as 6 and really there is no upper limit. If you like a challenge or doing puzzles of any kind, then I highly recommend checking one out.

If you have any other questions or need help booking, call (913)674-7030 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.