Website Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Other than forms you fill out to intentionally create an account or provide us your information, we only collect non-identifiable information that is aggregated with many other users including device type, general location, referral location, which pages are visited and for how long. This many not be a complete list, but certainly representative of the type of information gathered from our visitors and aggregated with other visitors to provide insights about how the site is used and by demographically, who.

How do we use this information?

Our data aggregators combine this information into non-user-identifiable packages that helps us to understand how to make our website better and how to better cater to our visitors needs. Examples include showing the percentage of mobile visitors (vs desktop client visitors) and what types of devices and browsers are used. This type of information can help us realize that we need to ensure the user experience on Safari on iOS9 is a good one if most of our users are using that system. It doesn't help us track individual users, market to individual users, or know individual users personally identifiable information (including contact information).

What if I fill out a form?

If you fill out a form on our website, your intentionally providing us personally identifiable information with the expectations of getting something in return.  Perhaps a phone call with more information on our facility or actually with the goal of renting from our facility. Wildcat Storage Center, LLC will protect your data and only use it for the expected purpose. We're only going to contact you to help you get the information you are looking for, and we're certainly not going to put you on any email marketing lists.

Do you sell my information?

No, Nope, Nada, No Chance, Not Happening, Never, Nope on a Rope, Negatory, Negative Ghost Rider... can we make it any clearer?  We will never sell you information to any third parties as information.  We will only share your information with someone who has a legitimate need to it to help us provide our service or provide their service to which you're legally entitled. But we'll only do that after exercising reasonable care to ensure they are going to protect you information as good as we do.

Facility Policies

Where can I find facility rules/policies?

The primary contract between you and the storage facility manager is the rental agreement that you sign upon renting space. Management may provide a copy of the contract for review to anyone with a legitimate purpose. One term in the rental agreement is that rules posted at the facility or on the website are incorporated by reference. This allows us to make rapid changes, when necessary, rather than modifying the rental agreement for every single renter.  For example, a sign that reads "Closed for Maintenance" or "One Way" is more effective when posted at the facility than it would be directly written into the rental agreement.