How Big of Self Storage Unit Do I Need

Published on 3/24/2021

Choosing the right size storage in Louisburg, Kansas

Tenants often wonder if their storage unit will be large enough to fit all of their belongings.  They also want to ensure they aren't paying for unused space. This can be very tricky and making the wrong choice can be costly. Wildcat Storage Center in Louisburg offers many different sizes of both traditional mini storage as well as climate controlled mini storage. Having many options helps to ensure your storage unit is right-sized for your needs.

How to plan the right-sized space

Firstly, contact your local Louisburg Storage Facility and inquire about the sizes available. Wildcat Storage offers online access for potential renters to see options online.  Secondly, determine how you'll be using the space. If your storage is long term, then you'll probably want access to items in the back without having to remove items from the front for access.  In this case, you'll need to plan for a aisle for access to all of the items in the unit.  If your items are only stored short term between houses, then easy access to items in the back of the unit may be less important.

Once you have a size in mind, you'll want to visualize the space. Our website shows cartoon pictures of loaded storage units that might help you get a feel for how your items might fit into the unit.  Another option that may help is to tape off the area on your driveway or in your garage so that you can better visualize the space and picture the items you're planning to store inside the space.  Keep in mind that you can stack items (usually up to about 8' high) to fit more in the space.  Our website also suggests the amount of "stuff" you might be able to fit into the space.  For example, a 10x30 is commonly thought to hold all of the contents of a rather large house!  That is hard to believe considering it is only 300 square feet, but when you're not trying to "live" in a space, that square footage goes a lot further.

How to get the most out of your storage space

You can get creative with a Tetris game when filling your storage.  Typically, it is best to load in large items first and then fill in around and on top of those large items with boxes and smaller items.  Of course, you'll also want to put your heaviest items on the bottom to avoid crushing boxes or creating a toppling hazard. Your couch may be able to stand on end to save space, and of course box springs and mattresses should be stored on their short edge.  While our storage units should always be dry, it is a best practice to keep valuable items up off the floor.  In some cases, this may require some scrap lumber to put under your totes, boxes or furniture. For the maximum protection of your items, ensure your storage facility has a pest control process that they follow and choose climate controlled storage to protect your items from temperature and humidity swings.

If you're looking for mini storage in Louisburg, Kansas, we hope you'll consider Wildcat Storage Center.