Do I Need Self Storage Insurance?

Published on 4/6/2021

What is self-storage insurance?

Self storage insurance may protect your items (or you) in your rental of a self storage unit. There are many things that can go wrong in the world, and many of them the facility owner and their insurance do not cover. Self storage insurance allows the renter to buy specific coverage to protect their property against certain events that might otherwise not be covered. Your rental contract may even require that you have self storage insurance. Besides protecting your property, some insurance may protect you against liability in the event inadvertently cause damages at the self storage facility to the facility or someone else's property.

How do I choose self storage insurance?

Generally insurance is going to be offered in different amounts based on the value of the goods stored on site. You'll want to find an insurance plan that has adequate coverage, but doesn't break the bank. There are many online retailers of self storage insurance and your facility may even offer insurance. Keep in mind that sometimes the insurance offered is more of a protection plan than actual insurance. That might be OK, just take time to understand the differences by reviewing the policies and comparing what they cover. Another great place to shop for self storage insurance is your regular insurance carrier for home, auto, or renters insurance. They just might have the most affordable option for protecting your property and liability.

Isn't my storage facility safe?

Likely, your self storage facility owner takes certain measures to protect your property and the facility. Things can still happen, however, despite everyone's best efforts to avoid those things. The purpose of insurance isn't to allow anyone to not be carful.  Insurance is intended to ensure limited suffering when, despite best efforts, things still go wrong.