New Site Offers Online Storage Comparisons for Louisburg

Published on 12/19/2020


A new website was recently launched,, that aims to curate information about storage facilities in and around Louisburg, Kansas. The goal of this website is to provide a one-stop-shop for information related to the features and amenities offered by the multitude of self storage options available. While accuracy is a primary objective, they do receive information from facility operators to populate the tabulated data and facility descriptions. We think it will be very helpful for residents of Louisburg to choose between the available options in town.


LouisburgStorage.Com does offer advertising opportunities to facility operators to help drive traffic to specific storage facilities. This is a good thing, because that advertising revenue helps to pay for the expenses and time associated with providing the service to the Louisburg community. Users of LouisburgStorage.Com should still use the curated information to select the best storage for their needs, but supporting the paid advertisers is appreciated as it helps keep the site active. Rather than flat-rate advertising programs, LouisburgStorage.Com allows operators to put together a customized package of advertising the listing enhancements to fit their needs and budget. For example, the needs of a no-vacancy storage facility are likely to be very different from those of a facility that has just opened (or expanded) and is looking to fill and entire building.


It is no secret that LouisburgStorage.Com is owned and operated by Wildcat Storage Center, LLC. Still, every effort is made to ensure the site provides accurate data on each facility. Further, facility operators are provided the same opportunities to enhance their listings or advertise in the same way Wildcat Storage Center has enhanced its listing and advertised. This should come as a relief to facility operators looking to drive additional traffic to their website and ultimately... their facility. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this community service provided by Wildcat Storage Center.