Climate Controlled Storage Size Options - Why So Many?

Published on 4/28/2021

Why so many choices in climate controlled storage?

Often, potential renters are amazed by the quantity of varied climate controlled storage sizes offered by Wildcat Storage Center. The operators wanted to ensure that potential renters could find a "right-sized" unit for their needs... but there is more too it. Our climate controlled storage was retrofitted into a 2400 square foot office building already situated on the property. The building had 1 foot deep insulated walls, existing walk-through doors, and an existing overhead door. On top of that, economies of scale dictate that storage units with 10 foot wide frontage are the most affordable to build and have doors installed. Wildcat Storage Center came up with the unit mix that would maximize the available storage space, minimize wasted space, provide adequate corridor width, and require minimal reconfiguration of the shell of the building. The end result is several 10x16 units and a varied mix of seemingly random sizes that fill in the gaps.  We even have a 5'x6'6" unit at the end of the corridor, simply because the building codes require a maximum length of corridors in commercial spaces. There is a central corridor that is 5' wide (which is the industry standard) and two branches off the the central corridor that lead to exit doors and additional units. The end result is five different sizes in 10-15 square foot increments from 32 square feet up to 88 square feet and then 8 units that are all 162 square feet.

Why many sizes are a good thing?

The obvious benefit of several different available sizes is that renters can play Goldilocks and find a unit that is "just right". Although with each of these units only have one-two units in each size available, that benefit is somewhat limited. It also allows renters to "up size" to a slightly larger unit without a major jump in price. You may be interested to learn that our first inquiry on climate controlled storage was actually for our smallest unit, which is only 32 square feet. In city centers, small storage units are in high demand because of the small living quarters many renters occupy. In more "rural" America, we felt like renters would be more likely to gravitate toward larger units since space is generally less of a premium than it is in the big cities.

Why are too many choices a bad thing?

Well, this is simple. With sizes sometimes varying by only 10 square feet, and prices varying by only $10 per month in some cases, it can really be an overload of options for potential renters. Should we go for the 10x6'6" unit that we think is probably big enough, or step down into the 8'9"x6'6" and save $10 per month. Compare this to our drive-up storage, where sizes are either 5'x10' or 10'x30' and the "right-sized" unit is always going to be a clear choice for every renter.

Do you need storage in Louisburg?

Once you get over the paralysis of so many options, we hope you'll come checkout our climate controlled storage options to see if there is one that is juuusstt right for you. We are excited that we had the opportunity to add this needed amenity to the Louisburg and Miami County citizens.