Discount Storage in Louisburg, KS

Published on 7/31/2021

What are some example promotions at Wildcat Storage Center?

Over time we've done different promotions. One example is a credit for customers who sign up for automatic ACH payment via their checking or savings account. Another example we provided a discount on each month of rent for our newly opened paved parking spots up by the Climate Controlled Storage Building.

Why offer a paved parking discount?

When we first opened our paved spots (seven of them to be exact) it was a new offering for us. The spots are only 9' wide and 20' deep. We really didn't know for certain how much interest the community may or may not have in such parking. The idea was, that by offering a discount, we could fill these spaces more quickly. Did it help? We don't know for sure. But we do know that it took about five months to fill five out of seven spots. And we're happy to offer the discount for those who helped us fill up those spots more quickly.

Why the ACH Discount, why can't I just use a debit card to pay for my storage?

You absolutely can use your debit card to pay for storage. We offered the ACH Discount with two goals in mind:

Goal 1: Automatic Payments

When customers sign up with automatic payment it is less likely that management has to spend time chasing down payments because someone forgot to drop by a check this month. This is a huge time savings for the facility, and so offering a discount for automatic payment is an easy business decision. Sometimes automatic payments get returned for insufficient funds, but it is still less often an issue that when someone is paying by manual check, ach, or credit card.

Goal 2: Reduce Fees

You may or may not know this, but your vendors pay a fee every time you pay them with credit card or debit card. For Wildcat Storage Center it works out to about $5 per payment. So the first $5 of you rent goes straight to the credit card processing company. We also pay fees for ACH transactions, but that is less than $1 per transaction. When we first launched this promotion, the credit was $25. Since we're saving about $4 per month over debit/credit card, it takes a little over six months of rental for us to come out ahead on the fees side of this.  We're OK with that even if tenants rent for less than six months. We'd much rather put that $25 in your pocket than the credit card processing center's pocket.

What discounts will storage have in the future?

Only time will tell. If you have a great idea for a promotion that will benefit the Louisburg community and Wildcat Storage Center, we'd love to hear from you. Someday, we hope to expand our little storage facility and serve even more Louisburg residents. When that time comes, we're optimistic there will be even more opportunity for discounts and promotions and we fill our additional units.