Where to Store Holiday Decorations

Published on 11/21/2021

What's the deal with Holiday Decorations?

Many people decoreage for at least a few holiday's per a year. At a minimum, folks often have fall decor, spring decor, and Christmas decor. Some people go all out with Halloween decorations, Valentines, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving... you get the idea. I even had an aunt once that literally had a decorated Christmas tree in every room of the house from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. I mean every room... even bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. It's great to get in the holiday spirit by carefully staging props around the house. The problem is, for several months of the year, these items are boxed up and you don't need or want to see them again until next year. Enter self-storage.

How to best store Holiday Decorations?

For just about anything you store, packing the items into plastic totes is often a good idea. Dropping one or two silica packs in the bin is likely a good idea to help keep moisture down as well (there's a reason when you purchase new products from the store these little drying agents are almost always inside). These plastic totes will help protect your items physically because of the hard shell, but will also provide some minimal protection from rodents and bugs. It's still probably a good idea to consider a mouse bait station or bug trap nearby. By the way, we don't endorse any of these products, they're simply examples of the products we're discussing. Obviously consider the type of items your storing for the best procedure. For Christmas lights, I like to lay the first light down and alternate up and down in the palm of my hand until I have a full string, then wrap the end of the cord (which typically doesn't have any lights) around the whole bundle. This avoids a tangled mess in the fall. For tree ornaments, typically the packing they came in is the best option for storing them.

Where to store Holiday Decor?

Possibly the best thing about storing Holiday Decor is that you don't need access to it throughout the year... it can stay nicely tucked away until the proper season rolls around again. Therefore, difficult to reach places such as high shelves, the attic, or a storage facility can be a great option. We have several renters who almost exclusively store their holiday decorations at the storage facility. It's the perfect thing to store there because of the access needs. You simply take down the previous season's decorations, box them up, and bring them to the storage facility. While you're here, you grab the boxes for the upcoming season, pop them into your vehicle, and head back home. Compare that to keeping your fishing pole and bait box in storage... and having to drop by the storage facility every time you want to have catfish for dinner.

Within a storage facility, you probably have at least two options - climate controlled storage or drive-up storage. If your decor is primarily plastic and glass... or if it is very inexpensive decor... consider drive-up storage. This type of storage is typically less expensive and has easier access. On the other hand, if your decor includes wooden items, fabric items, or paper items... or very expensive or sentimental... definitely consider climate controlled. Imagine the temperature and humidity variations in your attic vs. your basement. Storing items in drive-up storage is about like storing items in your attic. Storing items in climate controlled storage is more like storing items in your basement - except with better humidity control.

If you think it's time to move your Holiday Storage to the professionals... give us a call and see how Wildcat Storage Center can help.